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Story & Know-How

Bruno Truchon Bartès, founder

Twenty years spent at major fragrance companies cultivated Bruno Truchon-Bartès's uncompromising passion for the rare materials used by master perfumers to create fragrances.

His other passion is for historic preservation, which keeps the memories associated with ancient buildings alive.

Bruno's creative work is informed by beauty, a sense of the exceptional and the mastery of traditional craftsmen. It gives eloquent expression to the art of French style.

When Bruno decided to focus his passions and enthusiasm by creating his own fragrance house, he gave it a name that evoked hand craftsmanship and the spirit of the traditional artisan: La Manufacture.

The Hand Made Spirit

La Manufacture is a workshop without borders for artisan-artists who work with and transform their raw materials while taking inspiration from art, emotions and personal experience.

What gives La Manufacture's fragrances their elegance and depth is the poetry of the past and the meticulous moments spent concentrating on the raw materials.

Bruno calls on sculptors, porcelain-makers, mold-makers, master perfumers, candle-makers and glass-makers with a passion for their craft, who work to his standards in terms of aesthetics and refinement. He harnesses their combined talents to create a luxury known as simplicity.

La Manufacture's fragrances are meant to be worn or enjoyed as scented candles. The ingredients for the fragrances in the Colognes Essentielles collection and the scented candles by La Manufacture des Châteaux are selected with the utmost of care. Measured out precisely and with emotion by exacting master perfumers with a passion for quality, they are used to produce perfume concentrates in Grasse, the cradle of French perfume-making.

The Scented Candles Studio

With the past superimposed on the present, the aura of historic edifices vibrates with a mysterious presence. Built to last, they become more beautiful over time and give off scents whose depth bears witness to the accumulation of passing moments.

No stranger to the magic of ancient buildings, Bruno Truchon-Bartès knows how to decipher the secrets they tell in confidence. His creations faithfully interpret the scents encountered when opening a door, climbing a spiral staircase or walking through an orangery. Drawing on history, his imagination gives rise to reveries tempered with contemporary sensorality.

Like a collection of private memories, the scented candles bearing the La Manufacture des Châteaux label have stories to tell. Just listen! Let them resonate through our consciousness.