• ARTISAN Pasha table
  • ARTISAN Pasha table
  • ARTISAN Pasha table
  • ARTISAN Pasha table

ARTISAN Pasha table


Model: Pasha Table
Design by 
Zoran Jedrejčić

Ordering time : 16-20 weeks

At table, we socialize, drink, eat, tell over events and become more familiar with each other. Around this practically sacred object, whole families and statesmen gather. The designer has often asked what gives character to the object, the answer to which was given by history itself through the styles of art: the legs of a table determine its character, offering it stability, and it was actually they that during the course of time were most subject to changes and the influences of various styles. Each of us in our memories carries out own table. It was while these memories were being played with that the Pasha table came about. The user is given the opportunity to pick out his own legs from among the memories, so as to feel as important as a real pasha.

W x D x H(cm) 
100 x 100 x 75
160 x 100 x 75        
180 x 100 x 75     
200 x 100 x 75      
220 x 100 x 75       
240 x 100 x 75       
260 x 100 x 75       

Oak, American walnut, European walnut, maple, elm, cherry
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Price range: From HKD$13,200 - $43,600

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Zoran Jedrejčić, an industrial designer from Split with Italian background. After seven years of fruitful cooperation with Ettore Sottsass he opened his own design studio in Milan and recently one in Belgrade. He has designed for many world brands 3M, Dada Cucine, Fratelli Guzzini, Molteni&C, Nambe', Segis, and others. He has won almost all design awards, and his works have been exhibited in famous museums like MAK Wien, ICA Boston, MoMA NY, Ozone Centre Tokyo, etc.

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