• ARTISAN Latus Bed
  • ARTISAN Latus Bed
  • ARTISAN Latus Bed
  • ARTISAN Latus Bed
  • ARTISAN Latus Bed
  • ARTISAN Latus Bed



Model: Latus Bed
Design by 
Salih Teskeredžic

Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ordering time :
16-20 weeks

Latus - The theme of the collection is the original strength, nature and the poetics of wood as a material. New treatment methods and craft tradition are present here in a mixture of contrasts. A machine produces the body, while the soul comes at the end with the manual labour and the final “polish”. 

Dimension: W x D x H(cm)     
  80 x 200 - with 2 drawers 
140 x 200 - with 2 drawers

160 x 200 - with 2 drawers
180 x 200 - with 2 drawers
200 x 200 - with 2 drawers

  80 x 200 - without drawer 
140 x 200 - without drawer  
160 x 200 - without drawer    
180 x 200 - without drawer  
200 x 200 - without drawer   

Oak, American walnut, European walnut, maple, elm, cherry

Price range: From HKD$34,200 - $69,600

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Height without mattress: 37 cm
Height with headboard: 96 cm
Latoflex and mattress are not included in the price
Price includes headboard and bedside tables (drawers)
Bedside tables dimensions:50x35x15cm
Headbord dimensions:
High: 96cm
Total Width: bed + 57,5 cm from each side.
For example:
Bed Latus 200x200 has total width of 320 cm
Bed frame 205cm + 57,5 + 57,5cm = 320cm


Salih Teskeredžic
 obtained the BA at the Architectural Faculty in Sarajevo 1987, and MA in Product Design, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo 2003.Univesity professor Salih Teskeredžic teaches Industrial design since 2004, and since 2006 he is a Head of Product Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, and visiting professor at the Polytechnic faculty in Bihac and Civil Engineering Faculty in Sarajevo. In year 2000 he founds his first design and architecture studio in Vienna, and in 2007 he founds AD ARTE studio in Sarajevo. The main scope of the studios work in dedicated to product design, interior design and architecture. His works have been produced in several European countries: Austria, Denmark, Italy and Germany, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. He exhibited on several fairs including Milan, Cologne, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, Ulm, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, as well as on the solo exhibitions: Design+Architektur in Vienna in 1999, Sarajevo 1997 and 2001.

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