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  • MAGIS Zartan Raw
  • MAGIS Zartan Raw

MAGIS Zartan Raw


Brand: MAGIS
Model: Zartan Raw
Design by Philippe StarckEugeni Quitllet
100% Made in ITALY

Ordering time : 12-15 weeks

The name of this stackable chair is an anagram of Tarzan, as if to indicate a “return to nature” from Philippe Starck, the multifarious star and tireless innovator of contemporary design, assisted in this project by Eugeni Quitllet. The frame of the Zartan Eco version is made of recycled polypropylene, with natural fibres added, while the shell is in recycled polypropylene with jute or hemp, both compressionmoulded: a perfect blend of technology and nature. Zartan Raw is made entirely of recycled polypropylene with wood fibres added and standard injection-moulded: a sustainable and durable mix. Zartan Basic maintains the same organic, friendly, comfortable shapes seen in the other two versions, and is made of polypropylene reinforced with fibreglass, in a range of colours: the ideal solution for outdoor use.

Zartan Raw
Stacking chair.

Recycled polypropylene with wood fibre added.
Standard injection-moulded.

W555 x D530 x H830mm

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Despite his thousands of projects - completed or in the making - his global fame and his tireless protean inventiveness, we must never forget the essential. Philippe Starck has a mission and a vision: creation, whatever shape it takes, must make life better for the largest number of people possible. Starck believes this highly poetic, political, rebellious, benevolent, pragmatic and subversive duty must be borne by all, and he resumes it with the humour that has accompanied his approach since the earliest days: “Subversive, ethical, ecological, political, fun: this is how I see my duty as a creator.  No one is obliged to be a genius, but everyone has to take part.” 

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