• TON Casablanca Lounge Armchair 681
  • TON Casablanca Lounge Armchair 681
  • TON Casablanca Lounge Armchair 681
  • TON Casablanca Lounge Armchair 681

TON Casablanca Lounge Armchair 681


Brand: TON
Model: Casablanca Lounge Armchair 681
Design by 
Tom Kelley
Made in Czech Republic

The armchair of the Casablanca seating system supplements the set of the lounge armchair, bench, narrow and wide conference table. It stands out for clean upholstery, comfort and variability which allow its use in different types of interiors.

Dimension:  W70 x D70 x H67 cm

Type of wood : Beech / Oak / American walnut

Material:                            Beech         Oak        Walnut
Upholstery category A   HKD 5,660    6,810      9,400
Upholstery category B   HKD 6,300    7,450     10,040
Upholstery category C   HKD 7,090    8,240     10,830
Upholstery category D   HKD 8,290    9,440     12,030
Upholstery leather 1       HKD 8,060    9,210     11,800
Upholstery leather 2      HKD 17,230   18,380    20,970

Surcharges for wood finishing:
Standard (natural or stained colors)     No surcharge
Antique color (beech only)                     HKD 360
Paigment colors (beech or oak)             HKD 680

Upholstery Gallery:
Category A / Category B / Category C / Category D / Leather 1 / Leather 2

Wood Finishing:
Wood & Colors

*Please kindly find your colour option and fill in your choice in the remark for us. 
*Real samples are available in our showroom

*Ordering time : 14 - 16 weeks
*For in stock items, please check with our Customer Service.


The multicultural designer Tom Kelley was born in eastern Germany. As a result of political problems, he moved to the west in the mid-1970s. He studied in Aachen, Munich and Long Beach in California. As he wanted to be close to his Italian customers, he has lived in Venice since the end of the 1990s. Later, he has started working with companies from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Japan, the USA, the Netherlands, Turkey and Indonesia. He follows the “less is more” doctrine.

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