• ARTISAN Neva Table
  • ARTISAN Neva Table
  • ARTISAN Neva Table

ARTISAN Neva Table


Model: Neva Table
Design by Rudjer Novak-Mikulic & Marija Ruzic

Ordering time : 16-20 weeks

The Neva product collection was greatly inspired by natural forms and the simplicity and elegance of wood in nature. Wood in essence is organic, and its forms soft. For years has wood been forced into geometrical shapes, because this was the only way to accomplish larger volumes in serial production, and organic forms have been reserved for artisanal carpenters. Modern technologies such as cnc carving have made it possible for more complex forms to be introduced into serial production, and in the spirit of the company the production of the Neva collection is an elegant dance of modern technology and artisanal handcraft, which are unavoidably overlapped. This approach makes it possible for such artistic pieces in wood to be not only reserved for the elite, but also avaliable to the broader public.

Rudjer Novak-Mikulic & Marija Ruzic, they are a part of a group of young Croatian designers who started working together while studying design in Zagreb. Their works have been hosted by many exhibitions, and they have received prestigious international awards. They are involved in industrial and graphic design, interior and multimedia design.

European walnut (W160 x D90 x H76 cm)


Dimension W x D x H(cm)  
160 x 90 x 76
180 x 90 x 76
200 x 100 x 76
220 x 100 x 76
240 x 100 x 76

** Available for customization **

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Available in American walnut, European walnut, Oak, Maple, Elm, Cherry.

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HKD 27900

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